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    Roy and I wanted an area where individuals from around the world can post their personal experiences with radar/laser speed trap locations and/or methods so that we as a group can raise the level or awareness of equipment usage, speed trap locations, speed trap methods, etc.

    I'll start this off by speaking a little about PA, where I live.

    PA is a funny state - thank the Good Lord!

    I believe PA and Gaum are currently the only US territories which restrict laser/radar usage to State Troopers!

    Therefor, most of the time you'll only be exposed to such traps on state highways and/or interstates.

    To my knowledge (as of today) laser is not being used in the entire state of PA. This is not true in our surrounding states however.

    K-band appears to be the radar band of choice here, although Ka is steadily coming on line.

    Most local police employ some form of electronic speed detection - primarily VASCAR. VASCAR stands for Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder.

    Basically VASCAR is an in-dash electronic system the computes a target vehicle's speed by calculating the time it takes from any given abitrary point to another using the formula: Distance/Time = Rate (Speed). It is very precise; tickets so issued often include a decimal point in the speed - like 122.8 MPH.

    Believe me, you don't want one of those.

    When driving in PA, look for big white lines that cross the pavement in pairs. This is likely a VASCAR trap. The good news is, if you are attentive, since your detector is useless in these cases, you may be able to spot the officer (often to the side of the road or on the on-ramp) and slow down. As long as your average speed is close enough to the posted limit, you'll be ok.

    More than once, I have realized I have been timed, abruptly slowed down, and avoided a ticket.

    It gets more tricky at night. Suprising as it may sound, its actually quite easy for VASCAR to be operated in the evening. Why? Your headlight patterns make easy points of reference. This is often the case when VASCAR is used from behind you.

    Be aware that VASCAR doesn't not require lines. Just two physical points of reference which can be just about anything.

    I also try to be on the lookout for unmarked cars. Crown Vics are popular here. At night I try to be aware of any cars pacing me from the rear, just to be sure.

    I make a point to look to the side at every on-ramp when I pass under an overpass or flyover. I do it habitually now without even thinking and more than once I have spotted an officer just waiting for his prey.

    That's about it for now. Don't forget to check out the other forum, what to do if you get a speeding ticket. I posted some tips based upon my experiences that have actually served me [and I hope will serve you] quite well. 8)

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    I know the town cops are also using something called ENradd, that is two strips too. I can't see how three feet can give then an accurate reading. I heard that is being questioned on its accuracy and there will eventually have standards set for it per IACP. Did you ever hear only full time cops are allowed to do this also in PA ? I was reading house bill 1961. Pls let me know. Tks



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