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    Default Dover Delaware speed trap...

    Well breath easy unless you are in the military and are traveling to Dover Air Force Base you are for the most part safe in Dover. However if you are traveling to the South Gate and the sun is out you can count on 2 bike cops sitting about 200 yards from the front gate running laser and they will work the area starting at about 10am up till its lunch time and they will come right back. Basically one runs laser and the other walks infront of your car and pulls you over.

    I have been hit with laser almost 15 times going to base heading towards the south gate and I just wave each time knowing the officer is confused cause the Blinder and VEIL just won again

    Other than this any time you are heading down 1 South this summer about 2 miles south from the Dover Air Force Base main gate entrance you will see 2 bike cops running laser next to a rock quarry looking place.

    But as far as I can tell 1 North above Dover is pretty quiet for the most part except a few rolling Ka Band Alerts.

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    ahhh good old dover air force base, When i lived in Wyoming, DE i use to go the the base occasionally. Best time was meeting the the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels at some press banquet than seeing them the next day put on a show.....Ahh the days of being a kid

    Spoiler: show

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    Just a bump. For the next 2 weeks starting on 23 May the Dover + State police will be doing heavy heavy enforcement in the area. I got a tip from a little bird. Can you say some VEIL + Blinder goodness videos!!! cha ching!


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    Default what about Rte 1 and Rte 13 in Delaware

    What do the cops use (radar/laser) on Rte 1 and Rte 13 I know that the state PD likes to use laser a lot from Rte 1 south of 95 to the Dover AFB I was just curious about what the locals use, like the town of harrington (which I got a ticket there several years ago before I owned RD). See I now drive atlest once a month to my house in the outer banks, just wondering what I could expect from the local cops.



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