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    Default K POP in Illinois?

    i was driving on I88, and as i reached the I355 juntion, i received a very short burst of k band. maybe about a couple LEDs strength, ahead. i slowed down because this isn't a route i have travelled with my V1. about half a mile ahead, i came onto a LEO facing traffic, and a patrol car about a quarter mile past him waiting for his buddy to call someone in:

    note: I355 runs along the inner edge, I88 runs along the outer edge of the circle. both LEOs were on I88. green arrow is me, cyan arrows are LEOs. direction of arrows indicate direction of stationary patrol car.

    from my quick glance, i wasn't able to tell if he was using a handheld unit or a dashmount unit. what i could tell, was that he was shooting through the front windshield.

    my guess is probably low-power instant-on K or K-POP. however, the very short busts i received made me think they might have been using K-POP. has anyone else experienced this?
    i received the very same thing when returning back home that day.

    V1 was set as follows during that time:
    X off
    K on
    Ka on
    Ku off
    Euro off
    POP on

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    Default Re: K POP in Illinois?

    Was hit with K band in Peoria area, Bel RX65 saved me tho



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