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    Default Pennsylvania: Sneaky Tactics Used in Speed Trap

    Pennsylvania: Sneaky Tactics Used in Speed Trap
    Pennsylvania State Police turn to disguises to entrap motorists in Somerset County.

    Trooper disguisedPennsylvania State Police troopers are turning to disguises to ensnare motorists in Somerset County. Sergeant John Rock poses as a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation worker on Route 30 with a shovel in one hand and a radar gun in the other. Near Jennerstown, Rock and Trooper Loni Nist posed as a cowboy and cowgirl taking photos on a roadside while a marked police car hid, ready to pull over passing motorists. Last month, the two posed as a trooper couple stranded by a disabled SUV. Five police cruisers hid nearby to issue multiple speeding tickets.

    "We've got a whole bunch of things up our sleeve," Rock told the Tribune-Democrat newspaper with a laugh.

    The disguises help troopers achieve quotas designed to increase the amount of revenue generated by police enforcement efforts. Rock has plans to expand the program, dubbed "Operation Sunset," to cover even more roads in the area.

    Source: Disguises help officer put brakes on speeders (Tribune Democrat (Johnstown, PA), 3/18/2006)
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    In Centre County they run an operation dubbed "Camo-Man" where they put a guy in camo in the median with a battery powered radar gun and radio to call ahead to chase cars.

    It isn't about safety, never has been. If you want people to drive slower make yourself *very* obvious.

    I was on the Baltimore Beltway one time when the cop would drive in the middle lane and every few minutes would turn on his lights for a minute then turn them off, just to let people know he was there and expected you not to pass him.

    It worked, no one behind him broke 60.



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