O'Fallon, MO - TR Hughes Over Pass @ I-70

Town and Country, MO - I-64 @ MO-141 , MO-141 @ 40 Outer Road

Hazelwood, MO - 370 @ Mc Donnell (Date of Encounter 01-11-06)

Frontenac, MO -
I-64/HWY 40 @ Spoede Rd shooting East bound traffic from the East bound on ramp. (Date of Encounter 03-28-06 & 04-05-06) "Leo shoots at distances of 4/10ths of a mile away"

I-64 @ Spoede Rd Shooting from the West on ramp at West bound traffic "Hidden from view untill you get 2/10 of a mile from him ( Date of Encounter 03-31-06)

I-64 (ON TOP OF) the Spoede Rd Overpass shooting down at cars at a distance of 2/10ths of a mile. (Date of Encouter 04-05-06)