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    Default Travelling thru Indiana, KY, Tenn, Alabama, and FL via I-65

    I'm heading down to Panama City Beach this weekend with my Bel RX65 and wondered if A. it's illegal to have a RD in any of those states, B. are there any particular speed traps I need to know about, C. do they use a lot of Laser on that corridor?

    Also, does anyone know if there is any major construction going on?


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    when headed south in TN

    Basically from nashville metro all the way south to I-65 / saturn parkway(396) enforcment usually moderate to heavy.

    Nashville metro uses radar Ka-K, laser and helicopter..

    THP also Laser/radar Ka, maybe a few K but rare if at all

    Brentwood - Laser/radar Ka-K

    Franklin - Laser/radar Ka-K

    Just south of nashville around exit 69-70, there is a 60 mph construction zone with Ka speed signs, one southbound, one northbound.. Depending on what time of day the enforcement is high by both THP and local dept...

    I-65 / 840 interchange usually has a trooper runnning some Ka ...

    Not much at the 396/ I-65 interchange occasionally local or THP monitoring traffic...

    Any further south I don't really know that well...

    Good luck have a safe trip



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