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    Default Advice on a good low-profile setup

    (1) which radar detectors are well suited for concealed mounting (maybe inside or under the fairing)?

    (2) My main goal is to have a discreet, sweet setup for my new '06 FJR 1300A

    (3) Any ideas greatly appreciated.

    I've read just about every post in this forum and am not much closer to know ing what to do than when I started, except that I 'll need to VEIL and BLINDER M20 or something similar. The radar detector I have no clue what to do. I'll probably go with a Sportvue MC2 for the display.

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    Default Check the R1

    Have you checked this install out:
    Motorcycle Mounts and Accessories
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    So I went ahead and got the:

    (1) escort 8500 x50 with aluminum windshield mount
    (2) blinder m-20
    (3) veil
    (4) sportsvue mc2

    I'm going to just mount the RD on the windshield for now, but I'm still looking for an out of sight spot for it.

    I'm flying out to Tulsa in a couple weeks to pick up my new '06 FJR1300A. I'm so psyched!!! I haven't ridden in over a year as my '91 K100RS needs some work. Anyway I'll be driving the bike back home via Las Vegas, and I'll be there for a week. Anybody know of any good install shops for this stuff in Vegas?



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