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    Default Deciding to mount the detector behind a fairing

    This is a post from another part of the board. Thought it might be useful - Rick

    The detectors will work under many fairings (that's where I put mine). Not only do DC and VA frown on them, but they're thief bait too.

    Testing it -
    You do need to test it, though. Put the detector in the car, and find a supermarket or store where your detector goes off. Find a parking lot at the edge of where you can detect the store's door openers. Then, take your bike to that lot. Hold the detector under different parts of the fairing, and see if the range is affected greatly. If you just lose a little bit, it's No Big Deal. If you lose a lot then beware. Also, make sure you try several positions under the fairing; there's often metal where you don't expect it.

    Hearing it -
    The helmet alerts don't do anything for me; I don't need to be reminded what gear I'm in or where the RPMs are.

    I would choose one of these detectors:

    RX65 - I may be going to this one, because it has voice alerts (You can get the earbud type speakers and the alerts in your helmet).

    Escort 8500 x50 - you can buy a set of LEDs that plug into the audio jack, and can be mounted in your line of sight.

    V1 - I have this, I like the performance, but it's large, and all phone wires for the remotes make them very noticeable. It can also be used with the visual alert.

    Finally, the earbud speakers can be used instead of earplugs, but ditch 'em if you get pulled over in MD! You can also take off the foam on the earplugs, and replace the foam with a regular set of foam earplug (with a hole burned through the center) to give excellent hearing protection. Don't use this for music, though, or you'll never hear things like sirens, airhorns, and other important stuff.

    May you ride often and well,


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    Some good information there Rick... your testing is exactly the testing described to look for metallic tint bands on a car... the grocery store false method.

    I will say RD's (should) work fine behind any plastic fairing bikes without metallic objects in their way... such thin plastic does not significantly obstruct (should not) the radar (The old-old escort passports had the mag. case with a plastic casing right infront of the horn, and they did amazing still on picking up X&K bands, they didnt have Ka) . Laser recepetion (which those old RD's did not have), however, will be pretty much, if not completely lost behind a fairing.

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    Hey Rick,

    This is exactly what i am looking for. I really like the LED lights...since i like to ride with earplugs and those lights could be installed strategically. I was wondering about hiding the RD in the fairing as well. (Im in va) Where will you put it so it has 360^ protection?? The side fairing? Do you have a cigarette lighter adaptor for it...or just wiring it to the battery somehow? Thanks for your help!! I like your ideas!!

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    You can purchase a cigarette lighter adapter at Walmart or Radio Shack and wire it into your battery, or into the bike's accessory power. If you have a friend who's electrically inclined, it helps alot. My V1 came with something I could wire instead of a cigarette lighter adapter, so I did that.

    Mounting the RDD on the front side (either way) would work well, keep it high as you can and not visible to others. Even if it's not totally clear to the rear, you'll usually get some "scatter" from objects in front of you, and get some warning.

    I'm adding a switch to the power line on my detector. If i get pulled over in DC or VA I want to be able to turn it off without the Cop seeing me reach into the fairing; he or she is concerned for their life, and they may worry about me reaching for a gun, hiding drugs, etc. Make life easy for them and you, use a remote cut off.

    Good luck!




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