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    Default advice on setup??

    First of all I'm new to this. I got busted for speeding on my bike a few years ago and lost my licence and have only just bought another bike. I'm not suicidal but I like to ride hard, and in australia it is pretty damn easy to lose your licence. If you get busted for going <20mph over the limit 4 times in 3 years then that is your licence.

    I'm not as worried about speed traps as I am about unmarked cop cars or squad cars coming in the other direction. I guess they use mobile radar? Is laser only used for stationary speed traps (ie do you need to keep it quite steady since the laser is narrow)? Radar detectors won't work so well in this situation unless the police in the car are using the radar right? Or do they keep the equipment on anyway?

    I'm looking at:
    -mc2. My bike has an analog speedo and so HUD would be a huge improvement, definately worthwhile.
    -bel sti, australian version.

    Not sure on whether to get a jammer as well.

    Detectors and jammers are illegal here so there is also the problem with the mounting of the equipment. A RD or jammer heads are kind of obvious if I get pulled over. Maybe I should make some sort of cover for the RD? The other option is to get a digital dash for the bike which would hide the RD but still allow it to be mounted in a good position?

    I assume detectors can be muted? I'd obviously need to create a power switch for the jammer.

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    Welcome to the board. I'm not familiar with all the Auzzie equipment.

    Lidar is a narrow beam stationary setup that can be aimed from the front or rear. Lidar is hard to pick up ahead of time so when you're shot you're caught in .3 sec. On the plus side Lidar can be jammed.

    Radar can be mobile or stationary the most dangerous is instant on so again theres little warning unless the cop triggers it for other traffic.

    I believe Oz uses photo radar but I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of that.

    The heads for jammers are quite small and with a little ingenuity can be hidden in different locations. With a jammer you can hide your RD better since it doesnt need to have a line of sight down the road.

    I like audio alerts vs flashing lights since they provide an indication of what kind of alert you're getting

    You may want to post in the general forum there are some active Oz members there.

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    welcome mate, from an ozzy to another ozzy. can i ask, what are you riding :?:



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