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    Default Solid windshield on motorcycle & radar detector

    Hey guys, I'm new to the board and I have a question for you all. I have a wireless Escort Radar/Laser Detector. I am wanting to mount it on my motorcycle, but I have a solid windshield that doesn't allow light to pass through it, so I wonder if it's even worth mounting on my bike. It's a crotch rocket so a gas tank mounting device would be my only option. Any help is appreciated.

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    What's it made of? What does it look like under a night vision IR camera? Canada rocks.

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    The windshield is made by Puig and it's the carbon fiber look alike, so no light passes through.

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    It will still pick up radar but laser will be a lost cause

    Now if you added a jammer on the front of the bilke you'd be fine except for the Spectre issue

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    Thanks! I was wondering the same about my bike. I've mounted my radar detector and it worked through the solid screen.

    Will look into jammers!?

    Facing court on an Excessive Speeding charge in a month - need all the help I can get on my rice rocket as well.

    And you're right, CANADA ROCKS.

    Victoria, BC CANADA



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