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    Default Blinder M20 audio to bike intercom system question

    Converting audio mute signal to real audio signal?

    I went around with this question before, with no usable results, so I will post it again.

    Has anyone got an easy way to convert the audio mute wire output (when the blinder is firing) into an audio alert that can be used with an earphone or motorcycle intercom system?

    I have my blinder M20 mounted on my motorcycle and have an Autocom intercom system, however at speed the blinder audio alert is not loud enough as I also wear earplugs.

    I would like to patch it into my intercom system which takes any normal earphone plug audio output.

    Any suggestions or solutions? TIA

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    If you find out here, or from another site, please shoot me a message or post it back here as I would love to know this as well because you're right. At speed, you can't hear the Blinder.

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    Nothing usable yet. Lots of people suggesting adding a buzzer, but that's not what I need.

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    As far as I know, there is only one way in the world that this can be done.

    You buy a Cheetah Wireless Fitting kit for the BLinder and put the "in-car warning unit" underneath your seat.

    Autocom sell an Industry standard 3.5mm stereo jack to 3.5mm stereo jack cable. (its the type of cable that you would plug into a standard headphone socket.)

    Plug one end of this cable into your Autocom system and the other end into the headphone socket on the Cheetah warning unit. It even has a rotary volume control that lets you balance the volume level of the jammer alerts so it is the same volume levels as your music, phone, etc.

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    At over $150 for the Cheeta solution, I have to say that there must be a better cheaper solution. At this rate I could fabricate a tape player to start playing back alerts powered through a relay triggered by the radio mute feed from the Blinder. That would also be overkill but cheaper than $150+.

    I already have an Autocom input ready to go, in the waterproof secure glovebox where the Blinder junction box and radar detector reside. Going wireless just introduces a whole new wireless system that isn't needed.

    I travel and park in unsecured locations where it can rain, so I try and keep desirable electronics like radar detectors out of sight and weather on my motorcycle.



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