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    Default 8500 behind plastic tinted wind shield ?

    My Bike got tinted (yellow) wind shield . not my question is can the detector be behind it, or it should have a mount that will plate it above the wind shield ?

    thanks Danny

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    Default Re: 8500 behind plastic tinted wind shield ?


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    great advice , thanks !

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    i was just wondering.
    looks like it's going to take me few days to build this mount.
    will the detector work from my jacket pocket ? i mean radio waves should
    go through the jacket as well i dont care for the laser for now.

    thanks Danny

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    I have my 8500 facing through my smoke windscreen. it doesnt effect radar at all. Im sure it probably kills laser detection though.

    On a side story...

    Every time i was up in the high rpms, I would get a laser alert. I couldnt figure out what it was. The first time i thought I had been lasered and was toast. I then noticed that it kept happening at a particualr rpm, so I took it out and saw that it was alerting to the yellow shift light at 11,500 rpms.

    Here is my setup.

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    just finished to install it. i will post pictures soon.
    now i need to find headset that don't hurt under the helmet.



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