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    Default radar reception behind carbon fiber fairing?

    i will be installing a new carbon fiber front fairing on my ducati. i was looking install a rd behind the clear plexi fairing but now with the carbon one will i still get reception? or will the carbon fiber block everything?

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    Despite what others might say i think that carbon fiber might block the signal at least to some noticable extent. If you have a piece of carbon fiber around you can test it. Go to a automatic door and more the carbon fiber in fron t of the RD see it it effects it.

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    At least 50% loss.

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    Depends on fairing thickness, primarily, with other factors secondary. But yes, you're definitely going to get some, and mikecronis' estimate of >50% loss is not a bad guess. Put it up behind the plastic windscreen, not down in the fairing, unless you don't plan on stopping.

    Fiberglass fairing, on the other hand, would show little loss, depending primarily on the paint. Metalflake paint would be very bad...



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