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    Default Laser vs Bike with covered headlights?

    I am looking at a new FZ6 and am considering driving that to FL to save on gas. So far have only witnessed very very light laser usage on I95 in the south. However, I know it is picking up and I find myself driving slower and slower everytime I make the drive (now relegating myself to about 84mph so I can keep my license if I get lasered -- NC license).

    I was wondering what people think about my chances with a V1 or 9500i against laser on a bike with two relatively small headlights which I will temporarily cover with black paper/fabric for day/dry driving. If I keep an eye out for cars sitting around and slow a little for overpasses, do you think I would get a fair warning to slow a sport bike down to 75-80mph from lets say 90-95mph?

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    Interesting question..... It would improve your chances. But if its a close shot it wont help. Also dont overlook I/O as a threat.

    I'd have a rabbit if I was doing 90+



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