The imaginatively titled Cheetah M25 Blinder provides:

Front and rear Blinder M25 heads for 360 degree laser defense, these have shorter cable lengths more suited to bike instals and waterproof connectors.

A customized Blinder M25 control box integrated with Cheetah's wireless technology and fully waterproofed.

A wireless Vizalert helmet receiver so you know when you’re being targeted. Fully waterproof (can you spot a trend developing?)

An optional boom arm for using the helmet display properly on open face / cruiser style helmets

A handlebar kill switch so you can safely shut off the jammer (oh, it's waterproof)

and a dash mounted status LED (you don't really need a picture of a waterproof LED!)

The instal is clean and there are no cables attaching you to the bike. All fully waterproof (did I mention that??), robust and easy to fit with no hardwiring into the bike's electrics.

If someone wants to buy a Blinder Laser jammer to use on a motorcycle, the point of this integrated product is to make it easy to fit and to use properly and effectively. Basically it's a one-box jamming solution.

Retail Approximately $650. PM RacerX until Radarbusters get it on their website.

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