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    Default TPX Motorcycle Radar Detector

    Has anyone tried one of these:

    It's a very interesting concept! These guys have a couple of key features which are a real advantage over what's currently available:

    1] Weatherproof

    2] Wireless AUDIBLE alerts. THis is obviously the only way to go. All the others with their visual alerts miss the point. When focused on the road, visual alerts are easily missed, and are a dangerous distraction. Audio is a much better way of alerting a rider. It gets your attention immediately. As well, having the ability to discern the various frequencies (different tones) is key in identifying real radar vs false alarms. H.A.R.D, Visalert, and Whistler, just don't get it!

    3] Nice mounting system is key

    A mount integrated wiring system would be nice but not essential. I like the fact that you can order additional wiring harnesses.

    What we now need is REAL WORLD TESTS. After all that is what it's really about. Range, Misses, and FALSES. Anyone?????

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    It made a General thread recently at

    It does look interesting indeed. Feature-wise, they've really thought it out well. They overcome a lot of the hassles that we deal with on bikes. I'm very interested to see some methodical performance testing done on it and see how it stacks up. I'm hoping for at least Bel Vector territory, but would prefer a notch higher given the higher dollar amount for it.

    I currently use a H.A.R.D. with a V995 which works compared to nothing as I would miss the RD signal altogether at speed. But it's a blunt instrument just to tell me that the RD has an alert, then I have to look down to check the info.



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