Alright, I did try to search but didn't come across what I was looking for...

I have been using an RX65 for a year or so now mounted to my handlebars. I installed a cigarette plug under my seat and have been using the smart cord. I want to hardwire the detector into the bike so that I can use the smart cord in my car. Now, the smart cord uses all 4 wires in the RJ11, not just 2 for power and ground. The other 2 are for the mute button and the LED in the smart cord, correct?

Now, I would like to be able to make something like the Visual Alert LED thing advertised in this forum (a bunch of extra LEDs flash when the detector goes off, offering more noticable warning). What I don't like about the Visual Alert is that it plugs into the headphone jack in a detector--meaning that everytime I remove the detector (which is all the time as the velcro or magnetic mount offers no theft protection) I not only have to unplug the phone wire but a 3.5mm headphone plug as well.

Since one of the two "feedback" wires in the RJ11 send a signal to the smart cord and flash a LED, could I not utilize this to power an additional LED array mounted to the top of my windscreen (similar to the Visual Alert display)? Is there enough current running back to the smartcord to power a LED? I know that the headphone jack puts out a fair amount of power, as when I use an earphone it is very loud (and a pita to wear earphones in a helmet). Which wires do what in the RX65 phone cord plug?