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    Default Blinder Output Signals

    I'm trying to figure a way to link the M25 Blinder on my GL1800 into my Intercom as I'm afraid I won't hear the audio alert at high speeds.

    Can you help me by telling me the nature of the "signals" or voltages on the Blinder Alert electircal output(s) are. Apparently there are 3:

    - One goes to the LED to make it go from Green to Red
    - One goes to the Speaker to make it sound off
    - One goes to a cable that is intended to connect to the mute input of a radio (this one is of particular interest)

    Thanks for any help of ideas.

    Sam Jones

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    Most intercoms take audio from different sources by plugging into headphone sockets on the source device, MP3 player, phone, radar detector, etc

    No such headphone socket on the Blinder system so that's why you're having a problem.

    To "create" a useable headphone socket you can use the Cheetah Wireless Fitting Kit for a slightly different purpose to what it was originally intended to do- i.e. as an "Intercom Conversion Kit." It can all go under your seat and its little warning unit has a headphone socket that will take the standard 3.5mm jack from the standard headphone cable your intercom system will provide.

    Another bonus is that you can use part of that kit to safely power up your jammer directly from your battery, so you don't have to cut into your bike's electrical system. It makes it much quicker and easier to fit the jammer.

    If you can't find another way, this kit may be your only option to hear jammer alerts via the intercom. It's been tried and tested on major intercom systems like Autocom, Starcom, Intaride, etc, anf it works well because the kit has an adjustable volume control, which means you can set the jammer volume to the same level as your music, phone, etc.





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