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    Default Blinder Audio Alert through Intercom

    I have an Escort 8500 and a Blinder M25 on my GL1800 motorcycle. I have been searching for a way to get the Audio Alert from the Blinder into my intercom as I may not be able to hear it at high speeds (when I need it the most

    The 8500 audio feeds into the motorcycle intercom via a Kennedy Cell Set Dual unit (with a Garmin 2610 on the other input). The 8500 is mounted in the faring out of sight (in the right speaker enclosure of the dash) so I'm NOT using its Laser Detector circuitry.

    After quite a bit of searching for a way to electrically interface the Blinder through the Escort I finally thought of a simpler approach - See Below:

    I haven't implemented it yet but will do so soon. Any comments on suggestions are welcome.
    Use Standard Blinder Audio Beeper
    + Old Extra Intercom Microphone
    + Hitachi or SAE male/female connector set
    + Tape, wire, plastic bag, solder, etc.

    Tie Mic into Intercom Mic wiring in parallel (3rd Mic)
    • Can Tap Mic into Intercom with Hitachi Connectors like now in Intercom circuit
      OR just solder SAE or similar connector leads for Mic into Intercom wires.
    Mount Mic in same area as Blinder Audio Alert
    Cover Mic with small plastic bag for waterproofing.
    Wrap enough tape, etc. around Mic to get desired volume on Intercom but (hopefully) no noticeable background noise input.

    • Nothing to Buy (already have the parts)
      No additional Power Requirement
      Automatic On (with Blinder & Intercom)
      No Risk to Escort or Blinder (or Intercom)
      Very Small (just size of Mic + wrapping + wires + connector to Intercom)
    TOO LOUD at Rest when turning on Bike/Blinder???
    Should be same as Escort (but not readily adjustable (wrap more/less tape)
    MAY be able to add potentiometer into + speaker line to adjust Mic sensitivity?

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    I was looking at this idea a year ago, but went with a H.A.R.D. LED device for the helmet for my RD. Now that I'm looking at getting a laser jammer sometime, the H.A.R.D. won't be alerting to it. I do ride with earphones (ER-6i) which work great, so I'm back to somewhat of the same situation of how to observe the laser jammer alert.

    People love the Autocom, but one could spend $1000 on such a setup. Lower-priced items such as Mix-It 2 would do what you want. But I think that's still a good amount of money at $180.

    Doing it yourself is doable, but I'm not sure it's simple. I'm trying to find the page, I thought it was a write up by the guy that makes the Mix-It product. It may have been somebody else. He was saying that the signals produced by some devices such as radar detectors are different on the electrical level. Simply wiring it up may make for it not working at all, being too quiet, or way too loud. If too loud, then a potentiometer would be an idea. I don't think you'd fry anything wiring up a test but I've heard rumors that damage to the devices is possible.

    Your method of a non-electrical connection is interesting. My first thought is that the background noise would be overwhelming. But I don't see any risk to it at all.

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    I've done the install as described in my post above and it seems to work very well.

    I have the added Intercom Mic taped to the Blinder alarm with a piece of closed cell foam in between to lower the volume to make it the same as my Escort alert volume in the Intercom.

    I have no increase in background noise.

    Except for the Blinder heads, which are barely noticable under the faring between the forks, it is totally hidden and out of the weather so I can just leave everything installed all the time.

    I haven't had a hit yet on the Blinder but am optimistic it will work as planned.



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