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    Default My FZ6 w/ RD setup

    Okay... I finally got the perfect radar detector setup on my FZ6. I started off with it taped to the windscreen and could barely hear it, with an LED that I could not see.

    Now... I spraypainted it flat black (with permission from Escort). I bolted it to the winscreen with rubber washers to dull out some vibration.Underneath I have thick velco to help with vibration from underneath. I bought a 12 volt speaker from Escort which I mounted under the dash. The RD and the speaker come on when the ignition is switched to ON, otherwise both are off.

    It looks super clean. It is very secure. It is super loud... I get strange looks at intersections where it goes off. I can hear it at 8k RPMs with 20mph headwinds.

    Here is a video:

    YouTube - RD on FZ6

    This is what I had started with:

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    Very nice, I like the install. I wish I could do that with my bike, but the angles are 2 extreme on it.

    Great job though...



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