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    Default just purchased the h.a.r.d. system

    From roy will post a review in a few day's.looked like the best way to go.Also just installed a 8500 x-50 and m-20 blinder system on my 04 hayabusa.Love this site lots of excellent information.


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    You'll love the H.A.R.D.

    Just don't forget to turn it off when you're done riding.

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    looks great was thinking about the mc-c 2 display but,figured i will try the h.a.r.d. first.Thanks frank.


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    I actually didn't like the HARD for two reasons.

    1) When I bought it at least, it was only an on/off indicator; all the location, strength, type information is lost. Sure you can look down, but there are so many falses (even with a V1) that a loss of that much information made it less useful

    2) Mine ehm, stopped working after a few months, I don't know if it was too much shock or what, but some solder joints came loose inside. I tried to fix it myself which was a mistake b/c then of course I couldn't claim a warranty on it in good faith.

    I then tried a V1 headset setup that gives all the audio information (MUUUUUCH better than just a flash in my face for one blip of K 3 miles away and the same blip for a full on laser smash in the face) but the cord sucked.

    I therefore conclude what I need is a transmitted audio signal to get the best of both worlds. I gave up on both of the above techniques, as they were both just too much of a PITA to be useful. I'd use the V1 Audio setup only on very long trips. My $0.02

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    H.A.R.D thoughts

    I have been using the H.A.R.D setup for a little over a year (escort and beltronics)

    likes -
    1. this thing has saved my butt big time!!!
    2. screamers do not work for me since I wear shure headphones with my mp3 player.
    3. no other solution till now (cruisader)

    dislikes -
    1. the transmitter has been replaced three times due to failure of the rj11 jack once and two other times it just wouldn't transmit.
    2. return policy on the H.A.R.D system is overly complicated and if deemed a manufactures defect, the savings for a repaired/replaced unit does not justify the effort when you can just go and buy another one without being blamed that it is your fault for not taking care of it etc ....
    the above sentence came from my first warranty issue

    I have spent over $200.00 in the last year on transmitters alone. I have purchased these direct from roy and direct from the guy who make/sells 'em. I bought one at -uki fest 04 and it made it till about 3 months ago.
    3. price for helmet recievers at $75.00 ( I have several helmets I ride with). take that suomy extreme helmet and makes it even more $$ ..great. Overall impressions of the HARD system is positive ..but only because there was no other option. The build quality (the cheesy plastic cases) is average at best. All of my recievers are mounted in vibration free foam in little waterproof box's that I buy from radio shack. Battery life is fine if you remember to turn it off and the reciever box is mounted in the cheek pad lining and has worked flawlessly.



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