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    Default Radar Screamer ?

    Can anyone comment on how well this works ?


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    Default Re: Radar Screamer ?

    I was disappointed to find out how much stuff there is to mount, and how for the Valentine you have to get the remote audio jack for it to work (another fifty bucks and yet another thing to mount). Also the speaker itself is pretty large, and on my bike I just don't have the space to mount everything (the detector itself was already tough to find a good spot for).

    But I have heard many good things about it, many that have used it love it and it serves its purpose.

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    Default Re: Radar Screamer ?

    I have been using the radar screamer now for several months. There are pictures of my installation here if you want to see how it goes. Full face helmet radar system.
    Look at post number 9.

    The great thing about it is that I have a loud exhaust, and I can always hear it, even if I keep it at low volume setting on the road at 90 mph. What it is is basically a car siren type of amplifier and it translates the beep from any detector into a high pitched chirp, which is audible just about anywhere. Here are the two things about it that suck - It is loud enough that others can hear it on the road, but this is no big deal because you can mute it with the switch. The other thing that sucks is that it cannot amplify voice signals, so you will only hear the beep, not he voice saying "k band," on a radar detector that has voice.

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    Default Re: Radar Screamer ?

    I don't have one. I use a Bel STi and run it through an autocom. I also mounted the remote to the bike dash so I can not only see the radar alerts, but I can also see that it is powered.

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    Default Re: Radar Screamer ?

    i've use dit and didn't like it. all the alretsa sound the same and no ramp up. I wired the detector to my helmet now... i hear exactly the same as i would in the car now

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    Default Re: Radar Screamer ?

    I use high quality ipod speakers from sony, the ones that are like earplugs and go inside the ear canal, and plug into the audio jack of the RD. They work well to give me alert ramp-up and serve as earplugs to keep the wind noise from damaging the ear. Over time windnoise even in the quietest helmet without earplugs WILL damage your ears. I have been riding off and on over 30 years, street since 1990, and have some damage that I believe is from riding without ear plugs.

    Apple Store (U.S.) - Sennheiser CX300 Ear-Canal Headphones for iPhone and iPod (Black)



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