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    Default Good fortune for me - twice! (only one was due to the RD)

    Left work late tonight, it was nearly dark, everybody's headlights were on already.

    Save #1
    I'm 1/2 mile from work, tooling along about PSL+7, not paying much attention when the Vector 955 goes nuts on K-band. I've had no false sources in that area before. I ease the speed down to PSL and I get a second K-band, this time at 100%. About 200 yards later, I see the LEO cruiser with no lights on and the officer has a handheld device he's pointing at traffic.

    Save #2
    Not 300 yards from that, I'm waiting at a large intersection for my left turn on to the freeway onramp. It's a long wait, I'm first in line. Finally I get my green left arrow and I give my right hand a healthy twist and squirt well ahead of the cars behind me. As I'm crossing the three lanes of stopped opposing traffic, leaned over and just about....wait...what's this? The lead car of the stopped traffic has started accelerating against his own red light! I'm turning left in front of him and he's accelerating toward me from a stop. He kind of took a delayed start and didn't start moving until I was well into the intersection. I have some 30-40 feet to spare as I held my line and flew onto the onramp. But in my mirror, the car never saw me, he just ran the red light from a standing stop. I hear the honking as the pickup behind me had to slam on his brakes.

    As I ease on to the freeway, I'm thinking....I really like my bike!

    Here's the intersection from Google Maps:

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    Default Re: Good fortune for me - twice! (only one was due to the RD)

    Glad to hear that save 2 was not "more eventful"

    One of my brothers had an "off" recently when a drunk driver came round the corner on the wrong side of the road as he was almost at the apex of the bend. I think he's made the decision to sell the bike and give up riding while he was still flying headfirst and backwards through the air at 50mph.

    The bike took out a stone wall doing at least 50mph but was remarkably unscathed and was still rideable He was very lucky. He must have skidded along the verge for a couple hundred feed but he had his helmet, full leathers, gloves and body armour on and he walked away with just two bruised ribs. One foot either way and he was on the road or headfirst into the stone wall.

    If he'd been in a car he'd be dead because he couldn't have avoided the idiot and it would have beed a head on. I guess that's the issue - it doesn't matter what you do, it's the other muppets on the road you've got to worry about.

    The other driver didn't even stop.

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    Default Re: Good fortune for me - twice! (only one was due to the RD)

    Sounds alot like my night, save #1 I waited at a green light because I make a habit of checking cross traffic, and could tell this truck wasn't going to stop, had I not waited I'd have been t-boned because he barely dipped the nose in blowing the light.

    Then later on I was cruising about 10 over, Ka started blipping for about 1/2 mile, as I eased to 3 over in case it wasn't a leaky Cobra RD (I've had far more of those than actual radar encounters in the last two weeks for some reason) then the V1 went full blast for about 1/4 mile, rounded a corner and there was Trooper hiding behind the bridge, just after the apex, so anyone speeding and detecorless was screwed.

    Amazed to hear the truck following you wasn't in a collison wihtt he red light runner, for something with that much mass, it must have had spectaular brakes!

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    Default Re: Good fortune for me - twice! (only one was due to the RD)

    Well: Good save on the radar detectors part... for number1

    Great save on your part for incident #2...

    You can always pay off a ticket (though thats 'painful'), its exponentially more painful (if not deadly) if you didn't come out of incident #2 as you did. Nice to hear your alright!

    Its unreal how dull and oblivious people can be.

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    Default Re: Good fortune for me - twice! (only one was due to the RD)

    You know there is no hope when a person can't even see a BRIGHT LIME-Green motorcycle with hid headlamps moving towards them, while staring directly at the motorcycle moving towards them.
    You can never be too safe or too observant on two wheels.

    Glad you're ok bro.
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