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    Has anyone found a mounting system to mount the Beltronics Express to a motorcycle? Thanks

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    I didn't find one, I made one. Take a piece of aluminum sheet thick enough to be rigid, cut a shape slightly smaller than the rd, try places on the handlebar-find one you like, cut two slots in the piece about 1/2" apart that line up over the bar, thread a 1" stainless hose clamp through the slots and around the bar, line up, tighten, put velcro on the piece and on the rd, match the velcro, plug in and go. For a cord, get a cord with the right plug, wire in a fuse holer and connect to the fuse box on the bike. The whole thing took less than an hour and doesn't look bad since most of it is under the rd. The best part is that it was free, I had the aluminum and hose clamp anyway, if you spend many many bucks on a "system" you would probably spend just as much time setting it up.

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    Mine is a Gold Wing, but this would work for anything, handlebar or any other mount. If you need to mount using screws, drill holes in the plate in the right place instead of the slots for the hose clamp, the velcro will cover the screws or the small loop of the hose clamp. If screws you would probably need to countersink the plate holes a bit. Wish I could do a picture but just position the plate where you like it, if its over a bar, use a pencil to mark two lines on the plate a little smaller than the width of the handlebar, one on each side of the bar so that the hose clamp makes a fairly even circle around the handlebar and up and over the plate. It doesn't matter where on the plate the slots are located, but closer to the middle is best for stabiltiy, then then there is so little weight that it doesn't matter much.The slots for the clamp should be a little wider than the clamp ring. Spacing between the slots is maybe 3/8". I drilled a 1/8 hole on each end of where the slot was to be and then several more, maybe 4 or 5, between them to remove metal, then a Dremel burr to even out the slot. Then use the burr to taper the lengthwise edges of the slots so that its easier to thread the clamp up and then back down and around the bar. If the velcro adhesive doesn't do well, rub it off and use weatherstrip adhesive, it will pretty much last forever. This is probably easier than it sounds, if you have a drill and a 1/8 bit, and either a soldering gun or cord, its easy, and free or nearly so. The drill and bit can also be used instead of the Dremel and burr, just a little harder to keep even. The only other tool was a hacksaw to cut the plate, and something to file/grind the edges a little to smooth out. The plate I used is pretty thin aluminum, between 1/16 and 1/8 or so, easy to drill or cut. Hope this makes sense, let me know if I need to clarify, Ron.



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