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    Hi guys,

    I traded in my R6 for a cruiser and now am trying to figure out how to stealth it out with all the chrome hanging off of it. I'm painting up the headlight with Veil and will be taping over most of the front-facing chrome with gaffer's tape. hope that will buy me a little space for slowing down when the time comes.

    Question: I'm having a lot of "false" alerts on my laser scanner. At least I think they are false alerts. What sorts of things can cause a laser false alert? I can understand radar, because of antennas or garage door openers... but what would cause a laser alert?

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    laser scanner? and infinti's laser guided cruise control causes it, some 3rd brake lights on gm suv's cause it, neon signs, the sun, etc

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    Oh. I see. That makes sense. Thanks.



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