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    Default Bel STi 360 degree protection?

    Hey guys, Ive asked a few different people (radar detector sellers) and some forums about if you are able to put a radar detector in your pocket and still be able to detect radar ....

    Ive had a couple of people say now that if I dont care about laser rader detection I can place the radar detector in my jacket pocket, as for laser detection the radar detector must be able to "see" the laser.

    But for normal moving Ka radar it wont matter if it is in my pocket as its not a single laser ....

    so my question is, has anyone actually seen any tests on this? or really understand how radar works and how the detector picks it up?

    Here is how I see it, I dont have a jammer so if a laser hits me im toast anyway, il hear the detector but he allready has me clocked.

    Reason I would like to put it in my pocket ... there illegal here.

    any help greatly appreciated thanks

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    Default Re: Bel STi 360 degree protection?

    It won't detect it until your very close, it will detect radar but the sinsitivity will be worse than a cobra.



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