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    Default chatterbox xbi* with iCombi

    Ok check this out. I have never really been a fan of the chatterbox since I HATE the old big clunky thing it use to use as a transmitter. Well I just stumbled on the new xbi series which uses bluetooth. Ok that kewl enough but the thing I found the most interesting is their little iCombi adapter that goes from 3.5mm head set jack to bluetooth. So you could get the new xbi2 for example and then plug an iCombi into say a 9500ix, redline, v1 or any RD with a headphone jack and get the audio alerts directly to the chatterbox unit. Now that is kinda slick if you ask me. Esp. if you had a 9500ix or another detector which gave you audio alerts vs. standard ramp up. Plus if I am reading the docs right not only would you be able to get the alert it would broadcast to anyone in your group who is also linked up. Now that would be awesome. I am not saying 100% sure that the group notify really works but if what they are saying in the docs is correct that would be very very kewl. I dont want to get yelled at for posting links but just google chatterbox and look the xbi series and then the iCombi under accessories. Thoughts.... I guess my first thought is its seems very kewl. My second though is I damm well want my RD to be the first priority device so no matter what else the chatterbox is doing I get my RD alert.

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    Default Re: chatterbox xbi* with iCombi

    That's pretty cool. We've been using the CB50 at the racetrack for years, but I wonder if we could set up this XBi2 for car-to-car communications? 500 meters won't let you talk clear from one end of the track to the other, but it it would at least allow you to talk to people within sight.

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    Default Re: chatterbox xbi* with iCombi

    I'll stick with my mount, smartcord hard wire, and radar screamer. works perfect and is loud enough to hear at any speed.




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