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    Default Considering a Jammer (long read - but seeking advice)

    I have a Passport X50 and the HARD system, both of which I got from Roy. They work great together, but my problem isn't detecting rader, it's avoiding radar.

    I often travel on I-95 (from NY to Cape Cod) and on I-87 (from NY to Montreal). On I-95 in particular I get a lot of hits on X and K band. The highway runs through a lot of cities and near a lot of buildings and trucks with alarm systems, so the detector & HARD are always flashing.

    I set the X50 for City (no X band) and that helps to reduce the number of hits. But there are still a lot of "false" signals along the route I take.

    Thanksgiving weekend I was riding along on I-95, with the X50 on, and I got a couple of K hits in Rhode Island. I was only a few MPH over the limit so I wasn't too worried about it. They were only weak hits.

    A few miles later, I'm passing a bunch of cars, with some silly women in the lead yammering on her cell phone. So, I twist my wrist and take off to pass her. Suddenly the HARD starts flickering. I pass the women and slow down a bit, I'm doing maybe 80 mph, and I look down at the X50 and see a Ka hit. Crap! I drop it down a few more mph and continue riding... praying that the LEO's not out for Bird (I ride a Honda CBR1100XX Blackbird).

    Anyway, no such luck. A few seconds later this RI state trooper comes up on me like a rocket, flashes his lights and I pull over. It's 40degrees out, I'm in a balaclava, full protection, gloves, electric/heated coat, etc. It takes me a few minutes to disconnect and give him my DL & R.

    So, I get a ticket for 75 in a 65 (with a 5mph discount cause he likes me). It's going to cost me 85 bucks and 2 points, if my lawyer can't sort it out. But the whole incident got me thinking about jamming. Clearly I need something more than detection, in need prevention!

    Having read the information available on Roy's various web sites it seems that I need the Blinder Extreme. Questions I have are;

    1) is it legal in NY, MA, RI and CT?
    2) if not, is it really a felony to own?
    3) Does it interface with the X50?
    4) Does it actually work?

    I gather from some of the posts here that it's best to switch the jammer off as soon as you're down around the legal speed limit, so the installation has to allow for a power switch that's easily accessable. Riding in the cold, with gloves, helmet, etc. makes this somewhat problematic, but not impossible. But I'm curious if anyone's had any experience with LEO's finding the jamming equipment. I'm also curious about how riders have installed their jammers.

    Generally I'm looking for advice from other sports bike riders that either own or have experience with jammers.

    Thanks for your patience and keep the rubber side down.


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    1. Legal in NY, can't say about others.
    2. NO! That is only *radar* jammers.
    3. No, but the Bel 905 / Escort ZR3 do. In any case it isn't very useful anyway.
    4. Damn right!

    There are other laser jammers besides Blinder. Check out the site for some test info.

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    Are you talking about

    A radar jammer or Laser jammer?

    You said you got hit with Ka and this has prompted you to look at that case you would be talking about a Radar Jammer and it is completely illegal.

    If you are talkin about a laser jammer (this would not have saved you in the case you stated anyways) (it will do nothing about a Ka radar hit), it would be completely legal in NYS at least.

    Radar Jammer-Controlled by the FCC and state it is illegal.
    Laser Jammer -Controlled by the FDA and is legal (some stats are [have already] starting to make these devices illegal though).

    He was probably using instant on Ka this is why you detector didnt alert you until it was to late (and exactly why you should always have a rabbit, no detector could have saved you), he was probably being extremely selective (thats how come you didnt get any other pre-Ka warnings)
    BUT once he saw you passing the car....he knew he had you and decided to hit you with instant on full-well knowing that there was no way you would be going anything less then 10 over.

    PS: Nice bike, I ride with a guy who owns one, fastest bike in the world for a few years straight in the 1990's.
    (You shoulda just ran )

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    Sorry to hear about your ticket isnt that always the way.

    If you are thinking about Lidar protection you might want to consider just Veiling your headlight. There's a video on the Veil forum with I think a Blackbird treated with Veil actually prevents a reading with one gun.

    Not typical results for sure but the bike is a harder target to hit. I wish they'd include a sportbike in some of the tests.



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