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    Default Someone help me!!! My x50 with MC2,H.A.R.D,and laser jammer?

    Happy holidays everyone! Well today is Christmas, and my wife suprised me by buying me the MC2 SportVue to use on my Kawi ZX. Other than this thing looking kinda goofy taped to my helmet... I really like the functionality that it and my x50 will be able to do together. Has anyone used these two together? What about laser jammers? H.A.R.D vs. MC2 system? I've not done too much research and would really like to hear what others have set up on there bikes....what others have experienced and what you would suggest. I want to get my bike set up so I can spend more time enjoying the ride, rather than worrying about who's waiting for me around the next corner.

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    I use the x50, MC2, H.A.R.D., and Blinder laser jammers on my bike.

    The MC2 is really nice, but I use it mostly for the speed and gear position. For radar notification, I prefer my H.A.R.D. system. I only say that because the flashing LED of the HARD is far more noticeable.

    I keep both the MC2 and the HARD mounted to my helmet.



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