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    Default Interface Lidatek and HARD alert

    Hi All

    First post here. Have Escort 8500 X50 and HARD heads up display on my 05 Hayabusa (from Radar Roy). Wouldn't ride without them.

    Looking at the Lidatek LE-30- nice and small for mounting under the nose. I want to figure out a way to have the Lidatek trigger the HARD unit during alarms.

    Lidatek support told me the units have outputs that are triggered to ground during an alarm. Does anybody know what the trigger signal is that the HARD unit uses or what the X50 sends out during an alert? I figured I would ask before I went to the trouble of circuit testing.

    BTW, no luck with a search on the site.


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    You might want to post this in the Laser Jammer forum. The moto forum doesnt get the traffic and all the smart guys are there



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