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    Default New Bel and Escort Super cup

    Anyone tried the New Supercup on a motorcycle wind screen for mounting their RD?

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    Default Re: New Bel and Escort Super cup

    What ever kind you use. Be sure and have a tether connecting your RD to your bike. It will come off the bike windshield at some point and unless you are planning to buy a new RD. The power connector (Phone Jack) will not hold it. That's how I came to have Escort 8500 I am not using. LOL

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    Default Re: New Bel and Escort Super cup

    I used some heavy-double-stick tape and stuck the stock suction cups/mounting bracket to that. Then I mounted/dismounted the RD on/off the bracket whenever I rode. They lasted 3 years. Haven't tried the supercup yet.



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