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    Default Tiny, Sideways, Coated, or Otherwise Obscured Rear Plate?!

    Can anyone please give us some information regarding the laws for rear plates on bikes in New York and/or New Jersey?

    I am always fascinated when I see

    tiny plates
    sideways plates
    bent plates
    plates hung at a 45 degree angle

    and also to think that

    cars have to have TWO plates

    I also read on this forum about

    VEIL coating
    paper photocopies

    I think the scoop is that some people feel that not complying with license plate laws can result in a ticket and fine, but that neither of those are any big deal compared with getting a big ticket because your plate was spotted.

    Or even more adventurous, the EAR bar, fast and furious crowd sometimes suggest that they wouldnt hesitate to try and outrun a cop, knowing that their plate was not seen.

    I am not that much of an outlaw, but would love to know the truth.

    Maybe James Bond style revolving plates?

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    This is where mine is located (click on link)... and no LEOs have ever gave me a problem about it.

    As you can see its tucked right there by the Muzzy...
    By the way motorcycle lisence plates are smaller then car in the first place.

    Personally I wouldnt suggest being like the squids whom try to outrun the police.

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    I am too old and too slow and too law abiding to try and outrun the police.

    But how does this all work?

    I see guys weaving in and out of traffic at 100 MPH on the West side highway, wheelying down Park Ave etc.

    So when I see a tiny, sideways, plate etc, I wonder what the defense strategy is for Laser, or escaping or whatever.

    Does this low mounting mean a cop is less likely to laser you from behind?

    Unable to photograph/video plate if you do decide to run off the next exit?

    Or is it just for "looks" to un clutter the back end or your bike?

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    OH and also if anyone knows....

    can anyone please explain the laws?

    I would love to get the black out plate, if only for "show" purposes or even parking in the City.

    But I dont want to get hassled for a cover.




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