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    Default ? for all you electronic/technology gurus

    I just shot this question off to Roy before I discovered and registered for this forum.....but I'll ask the question here, just incase somebody has already resolved this issue. Not sure if I should be asking these questions on the Passport board or here in the motorcycle board so if it's in the wrong place, moderators please move it to the appropriate board.

    I use a Passport Max detector (based on Roy's review at the time) and am very, very happy with it. Based on Roy's review/recomendation, I just bought the Techmount control mount and installed it on my 2013 Harley Davidson CVO Ultra Classic.

    I installed the mount and went for a ride today. Due to the ambient day light (sun in San Diego on an 80F day) I'm not able to read the screen without bending forward and to the side (near the handlbar control that it's mounted to). That would be OK if I could hear it. However, wearing a full face helmet at freeway speeds, even with volumn turned all the way up, I don't hear anything.

    Couple that with the stereo blasting and the Nolan bluetooth wireless intercom between mine and my passengers's pretty much worthless on the bike.

    Question #1.....Keeping in mind that I am technology challenged....can somebody tell me if there is a cord that goes from the detector to the stereo (being a CVO, my bike has a built in ipod and so I usually listen to all my music in ipod mode over the bike speakers).....that would transmit the verbal read out over my bike speakers?

    Question #2.....Using the Nolan N-4 N-com helmet in the wireless intercom mode, if I bought the newer Passport Max 2 is it possible to pair it to my helmet, still using our helmets in intercom mode but cancelling the intercom to transmit through my helmet speakers?

    I sure hope somebody is riding a touring Harley (and preferrably a CVO, since they have a different stereo system than the other touring models) that's already found resolution to this issue.

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    Default Re: ? for all you electronic/technology gurus

    You could plug into the earphone connection and then into your radio, however all you would get is your detector. As far as pairing with your Nolan, you would need to pair with your phone to interface with Escort Live. However if your phone is then connected to your headset you may get alerts.

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