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    On my previous K1600 I had built in a Escort 8500ci+ with shifters. This worked very well but blocked too much air to the oil cooler. When I traded in the bike on a new K1600 after 50000 miles and a overheated engine I tried a 9500xi. I had no luck with the 9500xi because of a bad interface with my CB. So after hearing all the great news about a V1 I bought one. Problem when using the detector through a helmet I could not mute the detector. My MAX2 is now going to be moved to the bike and has been tested with a new harness. I am hoping to get my new MAX360 this week.
    Does anyone know where I can get a good waterproof housing for the MAX2?

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    When I ride I carry with a child's size shower cap to cover the detector when it rains

    Also are you familiar with the HARD system?
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    Yes I am familiar with the HARD system. Currently I have the MAX2 routed through a J&M CB with the audio going to my helmet. Due to the fact that I own 4 helmets 2 being 3/4 I am looking at a dash mounted bright light. If you have any suggestions I am open to them. As far as a waterproof housing I am thinking that putting the MAX2 in the trunk during rain storms is a good compromise.
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