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    Default Solo S2 vs. Bel 946 on Motorcycles Ontario Canada

    Hey Guys!
    I did a bit research on radar detectors and I didnít get information that I was looking for, so maybe you can help me. Iím from Ontario (Canada) and they are illegal. So what I found is 2 wireless models Bel 946 and Escort Solo S2. I want to use them on the motorcycle in Ottawa area. Is any one know what band OPP uses and either those wireless detectors effective? How are those 2 models perform on a bike? Any one has any information? Is it worth spending all the extra money on Solo S2?
    Iím only concern with motorcycle applications.

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    i would say no to either model you mentioned.

    They have RDD such as "Spectre", you can find more info on that forum, or look up STi. in the beltronics forum.

    You can google for v1, beltronics, VFR, motorcycle and find some different mounting options for a plain jane 12v detector adapted for m/c use.

    I believe STi is currently your best bet.


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    there is also a detector called the silver bullet(?) its wireless and is invisable to the spectra. you can find them at or ebay. also its a whole lot cheaper then the sti. you might want to try and find someone with one to see how well it works.

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    Thanks for info Guys! :wink:
    Do you know what model of "Spectre" OPP uses in Ontario, 1, 2 or 3?

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    They use 3 but the above detector mentioned is not invisible to Spectre. If you do more reading into that you will see there were some issues with the testing.

    The Bel Sti is the only rd not picked up by Spectre.

    If you have to go wireless go with the Solo 2



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