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    Default Blinder installation on a motorbike

    I have a blinder m20 that I taking from my car (am selling it) and putting the unit on my bike ( an old zx10 )

    Where should I mount the transducers. Is one to the front enough so I can use the other on the rear?

    I guess I fit one unit directly (and horizontal) under the headlight....

    Or do I have to use both on the front?

    Some one in the know please advise.


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    I dont have a jammer on my bike, but I would say it depends on a few things where to mount the heads:

    1st: The color of your bike... if it is dark, like black, a single head would probably be ok for jamming on the ZX-10R headlight(s)...

    2nd: What is the rear-profile.... stock or undertail?

    3rd: How much do they shoot LIDAR from the rear in New Zealand, is it a lot?

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    I run one under my front fairing as far forward as practical, and one in the rear right above my license plate.

    On your ZX10, I think the optimum position would be right under the headlamp as far forward as possible under the fairing.

    I've found that it is important to have them level.

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    Default Thanks guys.

    Good advice.

    Cops over here in NZ are inherantly lazy and dont use lidar much...they just scoff donuts and use mobile radar while sitting in their warm cars.

    On the occasions I have encountered has only been from the front. They will wise up sooner or later tho.

    I actually e-mailed the blinder company and got a very quick response, they said as long as the main unit was in a dry place, a transducer could be mounted to the front and the other to the rear.

    Thanks for your help.



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