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    Default Speed leaflet condemned

    Speed leaflet condemned
    A ploy to encourage motorists to avoid receiving speeding tickets has been condemned, writes Paul Reoch.
    The Tayside Safety Camera Partnership told the Tele today they strongly oppose a leaflet, which is circulating in the Perth area, titled “Never Get Another Speeding Ticket”.

    The leaflet advises motorists how to get speeding tickets cancelled and, for £27.50, offers a book which contains seven ways to avoid getting a ticket. And it also gives a parking report which provides information on how to get a parking ticket cancelled.

    But TSCP has issued a strong riposte to the leaflet, which is produced by TI Ltd, in Chichester.

    A spokesman for TSCP said, “We are disappointed that commercial exploitation has taken over from the serious issue of road safety. We have worked hard in reducing casualties and injuries on the roads. Speed limits are there for a reason, and we would advise people to ignore these types of documents which are available just now.”

    The leaflet details how people can get a speeding ticket cancelled, and has several thinly-veiled attacks on the police.

    It said, “Even the police admit the cameras are not there to save lives — they are put in places where they hope you will go over the speed limit. Until now, most people have just accepted the cameras were right and they have given up their licence for endorsement and paid the fine.

    “Now the fightback has begun.”

    The Speed Camera Report provides seven ways to avoid getting a ticket from a speed camera. It continues, “We have established totally legal ways in which you can stop being picked up for speeding by a camera. The report does not condone poor driving, but it gives you the option to judge for yourself which way is best for you to stop receiving any more points.

    “Why should police drivers ignore cameras? From now on it will be fair for everyone.

    “It is assumed you will surrender your licence for endorsement, but it’s not that simple. There are many reasons why you do not have to admit guilt, and there are seven different ways in which you can prove no fine or endorsement is due.

    “Once you query a ticket you will find the authorities move very slowly and, if you slow things down as well, and make the right moves you can ensure that eventually there is no further action.”

    TI Ltd were unavailable for comment.

    TSCP was formed in 2003 with the aim of reducing casualties on Tayside’s roads by encouraging and educating motorists to drive within designated speed limits. It is a partnership of Perth and Kinross Council, Dundee City Council, Angus Council, the Scottish Executive and Tayside Police, with support from NHS Tayside, Tayside Fire Brigade and the Scottish Ambulance Service.
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    The more people who backlash this countrys safety teams the better...

    They were all set up in 2003, point is they are saying stick to the speed limits yet they have all been lowered to such a low speed no one will stick to them....



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