City review prompts lower speed limits

Casey Newton
The Arizona Republic
May. 2, 2006 12:00 AM

SCOTTSDALE - A review of speed limits in north Scottsdale has led to slightly lower speed limits on a pair of major north-south roads.

The city has lowered speed limits to 50 mph, from 55 mph, on Scottsdale Road between Thompson Peak Parkway and Westland Drive, and on Pima Road between Pinnacle Peak and Hawknest roads.

"This has been something that had been on our list to review for some time," said Mary O'Connor, transportation general manager.

The changes were made after an internal traffic study was commissioned by the City Council as part of a periodic review of speed limits around Scottsdale.

Although north Scottsdale has sprouted homes and commercial developments in recent years, the mere addition of buildings had little to do with the changes to speed limits.

Instead, the city's traffic engineering staff found that the installation of traffic signals and medians on the formerly rural roads merited a slightly lower speed.

New speed-limit signs were scheduled to be installed during the weekend.

O'Connor said residents could expect to see additional lowered speed limits in the future.

"We have some roadway design projects for the area that will make some changes that might cause us to look at the speed limits again," O'Connor said.

A comprehensive transportation plan in development also could have something to say about speeds in Scottsdale.

O'Connor said the $1.1 million plan, in development by a Portland, Ore., consultant, will review speed limit policies in the city.