Speed cameras get ready to roll

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By Tania Martin

2nd May 2006 10:02:35 AM

Victoria Police last week released a list of speed camera sites throughout the state.
HILLS motorists were last week given advanced warning of the mobile and fixed speed camera locations across Victoria.

Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Noel Ashby said the police were prepared to take any reasonable action in order to slow motorists down on the state’s roads to reduce the road toll.

“On one hand this is about ensuring Victoria Police is open and transparent with the Victorian community, while on the other we are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop people killing themselves and others on the roads,” he said.

The report outlines 53 mobile speed cameras across the Shire of Yarra Ranges and the City of Knox.

Roads targeted include Mt Dandenong Tourist Road in Olinda, Ferny Creek and Kalorama, and Dorset Road in Boronia and Scoresby Road in Ferntree Gully.

Yarra Ranges district Inspector Mick Beatie said he approved of anything that helps to raise awareness levels of motorists about speed and drink driving.

Inspector Beatie said the release of the report would see more people thinking about their behaviour.

“There is mountains of evidence that establishes speed as a killer and that if motorists slow down and comply with the speed limits their risk of having a collision and the severity of accidents is decreased,” he said.

Mr Ashby said if just one motorist logs on to the internet and takes a mental note of a speed camera location and makes the choice to slow down then that’s one life potentially saved.

Mr Ashby said the police, in consultation with location community road safety council executives and other key partners, determine speed camera sites.

Inspector Beatie said the locations of mobile speed cameras take into account collision history, and the suitability of the site.

And he assured motorists that the government has no say in where cameras are placed.

“We are not in the slightest bit interested in revenue but are focussed on reducing collisions and putting the cameras in the smartest possible places,” he said.