Houses Passes Bill That Creates $10 Ticket Surcharge

POSTED: 10:41 pm EDT May 2, 2006
UPDATED: 12:41 am EDT May 3, 2006
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HARTFORD, Conn. -- State lawmakers want cities and towns to keep a new $10 surcharge for every motor vehicle ticket issued by local police.

The House of Representatives voted 116-32 in favor of a bill that requires the state to remit the $10 to the cities and towns where the violations occurred.

The new surcharge applies to anyone who pays a fine for 35 different violations, including speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence and making an illegal turn.

The Senate already passed the bill. It awaits the governor's signature.

There was some concern that municipal police might issue tickets just to boost revenues. But one lawmaker who is also a police officer, Rep. Kevin Witkos of Canton, says he believes the additional money will help police departments combat traffic problems in their towns.

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