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    Default Noise tickets in Aurora IL!

    Check this out. I found this on and thought the group would like it. Mk
    top headlines:
    Wednesday, May 03, 2006
    Aurora Sets Up Noise Ticket Traps
    Last year, Aurora, Illinois issued more than 500 citations under the a new set of noise ordinances adopted in June 2004. If a police officer claims that a motorist is making a noise that can be heard 75-feet from the vehicle, the officer will confiscate the car and impose more than $485 in various fees, charges and penalties. So far, the city has raised significant funds under the ordinance and plans to use undercover officers in "sting" operations to generate even more citations in the future. Seizing five hundred vehicles would generate nearly a quarter-million from the $250 impound fee, $75 ticket, $30 "vehicle release" fee, $130 towing fee and $20-25 per day storage fee after the first 24 hours imposed on each cited motorist, a portion of which goes to the towing company involved. The city also has a an excessive noise ordinance that applies to motorists and pedestrians that carries a minimum $250 ticket for the first offense, $500 for a second offense. These citations apply to hundreds of different situations outlined in a 3000 word statute. Churches could find themselves ticketed if the sound of chapel bells "continues for an unreasonable amount of time." Even talkative parrots could find themselves the cause of a ticket under a provision that covers "Unreasonably loud and raucous noise emitted by an animal or bird for which a person is responsible." The city government, however, is free to make noise with blanket exemptions such as one excluding "Any event that is sponsored by and directly controlled by the city or its designee" from penalty.
    Source: Police issue noise reminder (Beacon News (IL), 5/3/2006)

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    $485 seems kinda severe for a noise ticket.

    A sting?

    UC: "Hey, is that the new Diddy?"

    You: "Yep, just got it"

    UC: "Crank it up my brother!"

    You: "You're not a noise cop are you?"


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    That is really steep.

    lol @ edweird



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