LIVES are being saved across the borough thanks to road safety measures, new figures show.
Casualty rates at some accident black spots have been cut by more than 50 per cent thanks to local schemes, speed cameras and traffic calming.
Local speed camera sites have seen particular success, with the number of killed or seriously injured reduced to an annual average of zero in all but one of six locations.
Byron Rhodes, of Melton Highway Forum and county councillor for the Vale of Belvoir, said: "The safety cameras are much criticised in some quarters but it is evident they are working and reducing casualties."
Melton's Norman Way speed camera, which has been ridiculed in the past for being on such a congested road, has cut average annual injury collisions by 19 per cent and slashed incidents of serious injury to nothing.
Matthew O'Callaghan, also on the highways forum and county councillor for Melton North, said: "I know people say 'how can you have a speed camera on Norman Way with all the congestion?' but these figures show it is working."
The statistics, which show big improvements over the last six years, were unveiled to Melton Highways Forum.
Local safety schemes have worked on routes such as the A607 Rearsby to Melton, where signing and new speed limits have slashed average annual casualty rates from just over 32 to 14 a year.
Elsewhere traffic calming measures have cut annual casualties on Leicester Road from 12 per year to an average of just over one.
The schemes have been put into action by Leicestershire County Council since 2000 to try and meet a Government-set 40 per cent reduction in people killed or seriously injured on county roads.
Steve Karkowski, of Leicestershire County Council's highway department, presented the report.
He said: "In six years there have been 1,386 casualties in Melton borough and we estimate that the schemes have saved 201 casualties which equates to 13 per cent.
"I think that shows excellent progress.
"Hopefully we can continue that through to 2010 and reach national targets."
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04 May 2006
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