Bill would boost court costs for tickets


SPRINGFIELD — State lawmakers supported a measure Monday that ups the cost for anyone wanting to keep a speeding ticket from the insurance company.

The measure tacks an additional $25 fee onto the cost of court supervision for speeding violations. The money would be split, with $20 going to the police agency that wrote the ticket and $4.50 going to the circuit clerk’s office. The remaining 50 cents would go to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board.

The fee would help local and state police, plus the review board, buy patrol cars and repair the ones they have. The measure is expected to generate more than $16 million annually for vehicle maintenance.

The legislation passed the House unanimously and now goes to Gov. Rod Blagojevich. A spokesman said the governor is reviewing the measure. The bill’s sponsor was Rep. Jim Sacia, R-Pecatonica.

Speeding tickets are typically $75. In Winnebago County, court supervision costs around $215 depending on the municipality that wrote the ticket and various fees.

Court supervision is voluntary and would keep a speeding violation from being reported to the insurance company. A judge decides whether court supervision is granted based on the offenders’ driving record and other criteria.

In Winnebago County last year, 18,353 speeding tickets were issued with 619 people opting for court supervision, which equates to $12,380 that would have been divided correspondingly with the agencies that wrote the speeding tickets.

Statewide, 771,226 people asked for court supervision in 2004, according to secretary of state records.