Plan for city speed zones

Ian Trezise

Monday, May 8

SPEED zones in Geelong will be simplified and signposting increased under a state government plan announced last week.

Geelong ALP MP Ian Trezise said yesterday speed limits in Geelong were confusing motorists, particularly on roads such as Pakington Street where the limit changed several times over a short stretch.

Mr Trezise said the changes, which include advance warning signs of approaching low-speed school zones and shopping zones, would improve safety and reduce confusion for drivers.

Announcing the plan last week, Transport Minister Peter Batchelor said the changes would reduce the number of rapid, small speed limit changes.

Other changes included reminder signs 100m into lower-speed zones, and electronic speed signs outside schools on roads within 70km/h zones.

The Government will also test painting ``School Ahead'' or ``School'' on roads to warn drivers of school zones.

Mr Trezise said the changes would be a great improvement for the road to Colac where the limit changed five or six times on the approach to town.

Under the changes, the speed limit would decline consistently, Mr Trezise said, and there would be extra signs to alert drivers to the slowing speed limit.

Mr Trezise said motorists had been asking for more consistent speed limits and better signposting and people had raised the issue with him many times.

Mr Trezise said the Government would also consider introducing 40km/h zones around Geelong shopping strips

The Government plans to introduce the changes over 18 months