Speeding fines add up

May 09 2006

Fraser Valley commuters have paid almost $250,000 in speeding fines in the last month, RCMP say.
The fines are the result of Fraser Valley Traffic Services’ major effort to target speed violators and aggressive drivers along the HIghway 1 corridor, between Langley and Chilliwack.
During the crackdown, police have regularly ticketed violators at speeds 40 to 60 kilometres over the posted speed limit.
“Many motorists believe 10 to 20 kilometres over the posted speed is acceptable to police and we will not ticket,” said Chaplin. “I assure you it is not okay to speed...Comments such as ‘I’m just keeping with the flow of traffic’ or ‘Everyone is speeding’ is not a defence nor is it going to get you out of a ticket.”
Chaplin said the response to the speed crackdown has been positive, and the mentality of the daily commuter is changing, with many drivers slowing down.
Now, officers are turning their focus to construction zones.
In the coming weeks, police will be using unmarked police cars, trucks and vans to stop vehicles and ticket violators who are ignoring construction speed zones.
One area that will be targetted is the Mt. Lehman construction zone, where fines double for drivers who ignore the 80 kilometre per hour speed limit.
Police note workers do not have to be on site for the speed limit to be in effect, as road hazards including cones, traffic diversions and gravel on the road, are always present.
The public can expect to see numerous officers enforcing the speed limit on Highway 1 during the highway’s busiest times, police say.
n Three people have been arrested following an armed robbery at a convenience store on Sunday.
Around 4:15 p.m., Mission RCMP were called to the Mac’s convenience store on 7th Avenue after a lone male entered the business with a weapon. An undisclosed amount of money and cigarettes were stolen, police said.
No further information has been released, including the identities of those arrested and where they were arrested.