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    Default Another red light camera goes up in Knoxville

    Another red light camera goes up in Knoxville

    May 10, 2006

    KNOXVILLE (WATE) -- A new traffic camera designed to catch drivers running red lights went online Wednesday night.

    The camera is at the intersection of Cedar Bluff and Peters Roads.

    Other red light cameras have been running for about two weeks. Those are at the intersections of Alcoa Highway and Cumberland Ave. and Henley at Cumberland.

    Since then, Knoxville police say as of Monday, they've caught more than 670 drivers running red lights.

    So far, police have only documented one accident in either of those intersections. It was caused by the driver being distracted by a cell phone.

    Both locations are still in the warning phase and police are not yet issuing tickets to drivers.
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    I am sorry.
    All red light cameras were removed from Minnesota
    They all were declared unconstitutional. A big win for our rights.



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