City report recommends more cameras at intersections

By: Jason Satur

There could soon be a few extra eyes watching you in the city.

A city staff report is recommending that Toronto's Red Light Program be expanded. Currently there are ten cameras rotating through 37 Toronto intersections.

If the latest city staff report is approved, that number could increase to 88 cameras at more than 130 intersections around the city.

Mike Brady of Toronto's red light camera operations said the cameras have made a difference since being put in place in November, 2000.

"Our studies show a reduction of 35 per cent in the type of collisions that red-light running is responsible for," said Brady. "We've seen an improvement and we hope that by an expansion to the system, that safety improvement will continue."

Stats show 57,000 drivers have been caught on camera since the program began. The fine for running a red light is $180.

Audio: Carl Hanstke reports from the corner of Dufferin and Bloor.