Sheriff Dupnik gets 2nd speeding ticket
Tucson Citizen
Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik has gotten a speeding ticket for the second time in a little over a years.
Dupnik was ticketed on suspicion of driving 18 miles over the speed limit near East Fifth Street and North Palo Verde Road on April 18, said City Prosecutor Laura Brynwood.
He was cited into Tucson City Court where an initial appearance and arraignment had been set for May 18, according to court records on line.
The charge is a civil traffic violation, not a criminal violation.
Dupnik said today he already had taken care of the ticket by going to defensive driving school on Friday.
Brynwood said attending the school means the ticket is dismissed and no points would be assessed on Dupnik's driver's license.
Dupnik said he was ticketed by an officer "who was doing his job."
"I deserved the ticket and I took care of it," Dupnik said.
He said the officer told him he was driving 48 miles per hour in a 30-mph zone on Fifth near Palo Verde. "I wasn't paying attention to my speed," Dupnik said.
Dupnik was driving a department car when he was stopped, he said.
Dupnik said when asked for his I.D. he gave the officer his driver's license and did not tell him he was the county sheriff or show his badge.
Dupnik, 70, also was pulled over Feb. 1, 2005, for going 55 mph in a 40-mph zone at South Kino Parkway and East Duvall Vista, the Tucson Citizen reported last year.
Dupnik paid a $181 fine by mail.
Last year the sheriff was driving his department-issued 2003 Ford Crown Victoria. "I was on duty," Dupnik said at the time. "I was coming from one meeting and going to another meeting."
Dupnik took full responsibility for last year's ticket. "As the sheriff, I should be a leading example and I wasn't paying attention."
Asked if last month's ticket will make him pay more attention to his driving, Dupnik said, "You bet."


From the KOLD Newsroom

Court records show Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik was pulled over for speeding at 5th and Palo Verde, back in April. KOLD News 13 was told the Sheriff has since completed traffic school for the violation. Dupnik also got a speeding ticket last year.