More Red-light Cameras Installed
By : : 5/12/06

In an effort to reduce collisions and continue making city streets safer, San Leandro is expanding its red-light camera program, according to Lt. Pete Ballew of the San Leandro Police Department, who is in charge of the program.

Workmen installed a red-light camera at the intersection of East 14th Street and Fairmont Drive last Friday. It will be activated today, May 11, along with another new camera at the corner of East 14th and Davis streets.

Cameras are already monitoring four high-risk intersections: Lewelling and Washington, Halcyon and Washington, Floresta and Washington, and Marina and Teagarden.

Two additional intersections (East 14th Street and Fairmont Drive, and East 14th and Davis streets) will be activated today, May 11. Rain and other factors had delayed camera installation at these two intersections.

The program is seen by city officials as an important step in improving the safety and flow of local traffic. However, the city is giving drivers who travel through San Leandro a 30-day grace period before actual citations are issued at the two new intersections on the East 14th Street corridor.

“Photo enforcement has a greater deterrent effect if drivers are aware it’s out there,” said Lt. Ballew. “It is important to us that all San Leandro drivers know we’re using photo enforcement and that they have time to learn about this new safety program.

“We will activate the two new red light cameras Thursday, but for the first 30 days, we will issue only warning notices for violations at the two new intersections. The notices will explain that beginning June 11, actual citations will be sent to violators, who will then be responsible for paying the $351 fine listed on the citation.

“These two intersections are located near two venues with high levels of pedestrian traffic — Bayfair Mall and the Downtown Plaza. Anything we can do to raise driver awareness in these areas will be of great benefit.”

Police Chief Joe Kitchen said that with the number of accidents rising steadily over the years, “we must be responsible and address this problem.

“We hope that local drivers will respond by driving within the law to protect themselves and others.”