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    Default Photo laser a go for Edson

    Photo laser a go for Edson
    The town has reached an agreement with Global Traffic Group Ltd. to bring photo laser speed enforcement to Edson, meaning cameras could be on the street in as little as three months.

    Matthew Stuart
    Leader Staff
    Monday May 15, 2006
    Council approved the agreement during last Tuesday's meeting and Brigitte Lemieux, of town management, said the safety of residents was on council's mind.
    "There's such an increase in traffic volume. Their main concern is to improve the safety of our streets," she said.
    The agreement has Global Traffic Group shouldering the majority of the responsibility as well as all of the costs associated with the new program.
    The cameras will be operated for 24 hours per week in eight-hour shifts.
    The company will only operate in areas specified by the RCMP and speed tolerances will be put in place based on police recommendations.
    Regardless of the camera's presence, however, the RCMP said there was still a major role that they will play in traffic enforcement.
    "We still have to maintain our vigilance," Cpl. Glenn Henry said.
    He added that the photo tickets won't have the same effect as those directly written by an officer.
    "(Photo tickets) don't change the behaviour at the time of the behaviour," he said.
    "When you get a ticket in the mail, most times you won't be able to remember the circumstances surrounding it."
    With the continued need for traffic enforcement on behalf of the RCMP, Henry said the detachment was working on a rotation system so no one member would be saddled with the bulk of traffic duties.
    The agreement with Global Traffic Group will be effective for three years with a renewal option.
    The speed enforcement company will operate as an independent contractor and not as an employee of the town.
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    Too funny. Edson is a tiny little town that I've had the (mis?)fortune of being in several times. Any one vehicle that doesn't belong on any street will be instantly noticed, haha. The biggest lineup in town is at the bottle depot (I thought my colleague was kidding, but nope, saw it with my own eyes). If it was a little closer I'd have a great place to test my laser detection. This is the first I've heard of laser photo being used in the province though (radar photo has been around for a long time).

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    Bottle depots, wow... I never even heard of that until I went to Alberta for a while



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